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23.6. 2016 Our department hosted workshop on participation in returnable mission Bion-M2. Except ourselves, the workshop was attended by colleagues from IEAP CVUT, Czech cosmic office, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University and Institute of Biomedical Problems of RAS.

20.6. 2016
This year Week of Science, the project aiming on eager high school students, was great and we believe that our mini-projects, with which we participated. were success.

1-2.6. 2016 You are cordially invited to lecture of Pavel I. Zarubin about nuclear emulssion, which will be held in our department at 2 pm on Wednesday and in FNSPE CTU in Prague at 2 pm on Thursday.

26.4. 2016
After a five years, we have updated a picture of our team. 

19.12. 2015
In cooperation with elementary school in Letohrad, we will launch a stratospheric balloon, which will carry a prototype of detector of ionizing radiation PCRD01A.

14.-18.6. 2015
As usually, we participate in the project "Week of science", which aims on eager secondary school students.

29.5. 2015
Our IT team successfully set up a new server called "New Hippo".
Mr. Stepan and Mr. Wagner with New Hippo

24.3. 2015 With the project on "Cosmic Rays Spectrometry Database Tools", we participate in SOCIS'2015 program supported by European Space Agency (ESA).

18.6. 2014  Jan Kubancak succeeded as well to defend his PhD thesis. Congratulation!

4.6. 2014
We are pleased to invite you to the lecture "Charged Particle Transport Simulations for Radiotherapy and Space Dosi metry" by Prof. Lembit Sihver from Chalmers University of Technology. The lecture will be held on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

3.6. 2014 Martin Sefl succeeded to defend his diploma theses, congratulation!

27.3. 2014
Beatiful educative video of development of 60 MeV carbon track was made by Vaclav Stepan using Geant4-DNA simulation toolkit (Incerti, A. et al., Med. Phys. 37, 2010, 4692-4708).

23.1. 2014
Professor Nakahiro Yasuda will held lesson about Fukushima catastrophe on 5th February in Information and cultural center of japanesse embassy.

13.1. 2014
Ondrej Ploc has been appointed as the deputy head of our department. Congratulations.

1.1. 2014
appy New Year! The end of the last year we celebrated with traditional meeting of our employees at the tripoint of Czech-Slovak-Polish border. The photo from the event named "How Karel met Jan" is following.

16.-20.6. 2013
As every year we participate in Weeks of Science with several interesting projects.
Vasek Stepan

11.6. 2013
Ing. Vasek Stepán, PhD. proudly waiting for his  diploma

16.5. 2013 Soon, we will have new team member - Mrs. Alexandra Litvinchuk from Belarus, the specialist in biochemistry and radiation biology.

 28.1. 2013
Vaclav Stepan has started postdoc in CENBG/IN2P3 in Bordeaux, France. Good luck as well.

28.1. 2013 Viktorie Madhusudan Stisova returns back to work, but unfortunately not to our department, but she     starts new career in nuclear medicine in Oxford. Good luck.
 3.1. 2012 Everyone is welcome to seminar “Some environmental applications of radiocarbon and iodine-129                             measurements" of professor A.J. Timothy Jull from the University of Arizona in Tuscon, USA, which will be held on                     21st January at 11:00 at ODZ.

 12.12. 2012 Happy new year from DRD.         

18.12. 2012
Richard Wagner celebrated round birthday with very original present, see photos.
 Richard´s one flew over the Alps. The joke is available only after understanding of sharing the name of the product on the floor with the famous mountains.

5.12. 2012
Vaclav Stepan has successfully defended his doctoral thesis today. Congratulation.

25.11. 2012
Online database of measurements onboard arcrafts with Liulin detector is available here.

23.11. 2012
Probably the oldest employee of AS CR Mrs. Simsova has celebrated her birthday. Photo is following.

29.10. 2012
Prof. Nakahiro Yasuda from Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering Fukui in Japan will held the lecture "Overview of measures after the disaster at Fukushima" at 3 pm at faculty building FJFI CVUT, Brehova 7, Praha 1.

14.9. 2012
Vaclav Stepan´s thesis defense is finally coming. Good luck!

29.7. 2012
Marie Davidkova with Anna Michaelidesova attend the Gordon Research Conference on Radiation Chemistry at Andover, USA.

20.6. 2012
We performed several bio irradiation on cyclotron in Rez.

18.6. 2012
We participated in Week of nuclear science, funny photos can be seen here.

11.6. 2012
Bachelor and magister topics are again available here, only in Czech.

6.6. 2012 12th International Workshop on Radiation Damage to DNA is over. You can see photos taken by Vaclav Stepan here.

17.4. 2012
13 days has left until registration deadline on 12th International Workshop on Radiation Damage to DNA, which will be held on 2nd-7th June in Prague.

31.3. 2012 Zlata Mrazova left us for non-research career, we wish her good luck.

20.3. 2012 Radiobiology group of Marie Davidkova has started to work on human fibroblastes.

1.3. 2012 Ondrej Ploc left for postdoc on Chalmers University of Technology, Katerina Pachnerova Brabcova will follow him soon.

20.1. 2012 Radiological dating laboratory has opened its websites.

9.1. 2012 Mr. Boster Dearson Siwila from Zambia comes for two-months intership.

1.1. 2012 New colleague Jana Vachelova join the group of radiation biology.

1.1. 2012
We wish you happy new year.

6.12.2011 We visited colleagues from DKFZ in Heidelberg.

7.11.2011 After two years in NIRS, Japan, Ondřej Ploc is back home.

We are going to participate on 23rd Days of Radiation Protection.

1.11. 2011
Marie Davidkova was designated as the head of the department.

8.10.2011 Within experiment in iTHEMBA labs (South Africa) we calibrate several passive and active detectors in high energetic neutron beams.

Crime scene photos
Iva prepares Liulins
track-etched detectors
Iva Ambrozova tries to get Liulin into the center of beam, lets hope it is turn off
Track-etched detectors being prepared for exposion.
In front of laboratories

15.9. 2011 See new pages about unique microscope system HSP-1000 and new etching equipment.

8.9. 2011
The 16th WRMISS, which was held and organized by DRD together with FNSPE, is over.

16th WRMISS participants

3.9. 2011
Zlata is no more Mrazova, but became Koliskova instead because of wedding.

23.8. 2011
Our colleague Viktorie Madhusudhan Stisova became a mother of little Jakoubek.

13.7. 2011
A verification of crew dosis onboard ČSA aircraft continues with more flights, here you can see some pictures.
Timepix onboard aircraft during the flight to Almata in Kazakhstan
GPS position measurement
Semi-conductor detector Liulin during the flight to Madrid in Spain

11.7. 2011
While Alexandr Malušek is leaving abroad for a while, colleague Alexander Molokanov from JINR in Dubna is coming for visit.

23.6. 2011
A verification of crew dosis onboard ČSA aircraft has started with the first flight.

19.6. 2011
We will participate in The Week of Science for young students. We prepared four projects, which are aimed to dosimetry, or radiobiology.

14.6. 2011
The building reconstruction has started, we will have new plastic windows.

3.6. 2011
Kateřina Pachnerová Brabcová contested with her thesis in Henri Becquerel´s award held by Areva and French embassy in Czech Republic and won the third prize.

25.5. 2011
We will have pleasure to host 16th annual volume of Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for International Space Station, which will be held on September 6-8 in the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of CTU in Prague. Web sites are here.

16.5. 2011 Our colleague Václav Štěpán made a beatiful sunny photo of some of us on the roof of department, as you can see here.

12.4. 2011 We visited guided tour in Proton Therapy Centrum in Prague.

4.4. 2011 The plastic scintillator started to measure radiation situation regarding to Fukushima power plant.

29.3 2011 Zlata Mrazova has passed state doctoral examination. Congratulation!

21.2. 2011 Our colleague Ondřej Ploc has become father of two.

19.2. 2011 Working on new websites