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Ivo Svetlik








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Educational institution (name, location), area of study

1999 - 2008

Ph.D. - Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

1983 - 1987

Ing. (mgr. equivalent) - The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Faculty of Chemical Technology


Professional experiences

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Name of institution, position, realized activities

1999 -




Head of radiochemistry laboratory

·       Development of methods of radionuclides determination

·       Utilizing of developed methods to study occurrence and transport of radionuclides both in the environment and in the technological parts of nuclear power plants (NPP).

·       Application of developed analytical methods for industrial applications (determination of 14C in samples of labelled methane – for Transgas company, changes of 14C amount in technological parts of NPP Temelín – for the ČEZ company, determination of 14C chemical forms in primary coolant – for the ČEZ company, measurement of strontium radioisotopes by liquid scintillation spectrometry – for the Canberra-Packard company, tritium measurement in quenched samples of water – for the Czech Metrological Institute).

·       Study of anthropogenic impact on the recent environment and, utilizing radiocarbon dating method, also on the past environment.

·       Development of measuring routines based on liquid scintillation spectrometry.

·       Guidance of PhD., master and bachelor students.

·       Head of the Radiocarbon dating laboratory, with the international code CRL.

·       Collaboration with Czech and abroad institutes, presentation and publication of our results.

·       Participation in national radiation monitoring network (14C and 85Kr).

1991 - 1998


Water Research Institute T.G.M.



·       Development and implementation of analytical methods of radionuclides determination,

·       Methodological assurance of water analytical laboratories,

·       Collaboration with the national accreditation body ASLAB,

·       Preparation of several national standards, aimed on determination of radionuclides (in cooperation with the Czech Normalization Institute)

·       Head of radiochemical laboratory since 1996.

1988 - 1991


Stavební geologie a.s.


Analytical service

·       Determination of gross activity alpha and beta, 222Rn, 226Ra, and uranium in water samples.


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List and characteristics of the top 10 publications in impacted journals since 2011

1. Surprisingly small increase of the sedimentation rate in the floodplain of Morava River in the Straznice area, Czech Republic, in the last 1300 years By: Grygar, T. Matys; Novakova, T.; Mihaljevic, M.; et al. CATENA  Volume: 86   Issue: 3   Pages: 192-207   Published: SEP 2011

(IF = 2.82)

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The Differentiation between Point and Diffuse Industrial Pollution of the Floodplain of the Ploucnice River, Czech Republic

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Human impact on fluvial sediments: how to distinguish regional and local sources of heavy metals contamination

By: Novakova, T.; Grygar, T. Matys; Babek, O.; et al.

Edited by: Pirrone, N

Conference: 16th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment (ICHMET) Location: Rome, ITALY Date: SEP 23-27, 2012

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 16TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEAVY METALS IN THE ENVIRONMENT  Book Series: E3S Web of Conferences   Volume:1     Article Number: 16008   Published: 2013


Regional Contamination of Moravia (South-Eastern Czech Republic): Temporal Shift of Pb and Zn Loading in Fluvial Sediments

By: Matys Grygar, Tomas; Sedlacek, Jan; Babek, Ondrej; et al.

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By: Demek, Jaromir; Mackovcin, Peter; Slavik, Petr

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Hydrometeorological extremes derived from taxation records for south-eastern Moravia, Czech Republic, 1751-1900 AD

By: Brazdil, R.; Chroma, K.; Valasek, H.; et al.

CLIMATE OF THE PAST  Volume: 8   Issue: 2   Pages: 467-481   Published: 2012



2.     C-14 studies in the vicinity of the Czech NPPs   By: Svetlik, I.; Fejgl, M.; Turek, K.; et al. JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY  Volume: 292   Issue: 2   Pages: 689-695   Published: MAY 2012


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5.     Joint Bratislava-Prague studies of radiocarbon and uranium in the environment using accelerator mass spectrometry and radiometric methods   By: Povinec, P. P.; Svetlik, I.; Jeskovsky, M.; et al. JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY  Volume: 304   Issue: 1   Pages: 67-73   Published: APR 2015


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6.     ESTIMATING THE AMOUNT OF (CO2)-C-14 IN THE ATMOSPHERE DURING THE HOLOCENE AND GLACIAL PERIODS By: Svetlik, I.; Povinec, P. P.; Brabcova, K. Pachnerova; et al. RADIOCARBON  Volume: 55   Issue: 2-3   Pages: 1546-1555   Published: 2013


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7.     Occurrence of organically bound tritium in the Mohelno lake system By: Korinkova, Tereza; Svetlik, Ivo; Fejgl, Michal; et al. JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY  Volume: 307   Issue: 3   Pages: 2295-2299   Published: MAR 2016


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8.     RADIOCARBON IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE ZLKOVCE MONITORING STATION OF THE BOHUNICE NPP: 25 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS MONTHLY MEASUREMENTS   By: Povinec, P. P.; Sivo, A.; Jeskovsky, M.; et al. RADIOCARBON  Volume: 57   Issue: 3   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 355-362   Published: 2015


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9.     Extended use of alanine irradiated in experimental reactor for combined gamma-and neutron-dose assessment by ESR spectroscopy and thermal neutron fluence assessment by measurement of C-14 by LSC   By: Bartonicek, B.; Kucera, J.; Svetlik, I.; et al. APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES  Volume: 93   Pages: 52-56   Published: NOV 2014


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10.  Enhanced activities of organically bound tritium in biota samples   By: Svetlik, I.; Fejgl, M.; Malatova, I.; et al. APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES  Volume: 93   Pages: 82-86   Published: NOV 2014


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Scientific works in non-impacted reviewed journals

1.     The Early Medieval site at Roztoky. The evidence of ecofacts By: Kuna, Martin; Hajnalova, Maria; Kovacikova, Lenka; et al. PAMATKY ARCHEOLOGICKE  Volume: 104   Pages: 59-147   Published: 2013

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A charcoal record of Holocene woodland succession from sandstone rock shelters of North Bohemia (Czech Republic)

By: Novak, Jan; Svoboda, Jiri; Sida, Petr; et al.

QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL  Volume: 366   Pages: 25-36   Published: APR 24 2015


Necklaces of Byzantine origin and bronze circular ornaments in the Slavic environment of the sixth and seventh century. On intercultural relationships

By: Profantova, Nad'a

PAMATKY ARCHEOLOGICKE  Volume: 104   Pages: 149-182   Published: 2013


2.     The Unetice culture barrow in Brandy's nad Labem (Central Bohemia) as evidence of unique Early Bronze Age burial practices   By: Danielisova, Alzbeta; Langova, Michaela; Kocar, Petr; et al. ARCHEOLOGICKE ROZHLEDY  Volume: 65   Issue: 1   Pages: 56-88   Published: 2013

            Cited by: 0

Personally given presentations abroad and on international conferences

  •  I.Světlík, invited lecture: „Application of radicarbon dating for karst research purposes: its possibilities and limitations.“ International conference PROKARSTTERA 2012, Shumen, Bulgaria 2012.
  • I.Světlík, lecture: „C-14 dating in context of alluvial deposits.“ International conference ALUVIAL GEOARCHAEOLOGY, Mikulčice, Czech Republic 2013.
  • I.Světlík lecture: Monitoring of atmospheric 14CO2 in the Czech Republic. International conference TOWARDS TO ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH SUPERSITE, Humpolec, Czech Republic 2013.
  • I.Světlík, lecture: „Základní principy a omezení radiouhlíkové datovací metody.“ International conference „Enforcing of the CITES agreement in the Czech Republic“, 10. - 12.12. 2014, Červená nad Vltavou, Czech Republic.


Coinvestigator of domestic grants

 Project name: "Relations between climate, anthropogenic activity and land erosion recorded in natural archives of Strážnického Pomoraví (CR)"

Source of funding: GAASCR, IAAX00130801

Total grant of the institution: 6371 kKč

Project implementation period: 2008 - 2011


 Technical and realization activities

Authorship of a realized complex technical work with social profitability

·       2011, CANBERRA-PACKARD, spol. s r.o.: Calibration of liquid scintillation spectrometer TriCarb 3180 for measurement 89Sr, 90Sr a 90Y, requested by ČEZ, NPP Temelín.

·       2012, ČEZ, NPP Temelín: Determination of activities of 14C chemical forms in gasses of the technological parts of the NPP Temelín. Original analytical method was applied to solve this item.

·       2012, National Radiation Protection Institute, Prague: Method of direct measurement of 14C in exposed sorbents from nuclear-energy facilities.

·       2013, ČEZ, NPP Temelín: Method of direct measurement of 14C in exposed sorbents from samplers in stacks and in the other technological parts of the NPP.

·       2014, Povodí Moravy, a.s.: Revision of the software for calculation of analytical methods uncertainties.

·       2015, Envinet, a.s.: Calibration of liquid scintillation spectrometer TriCarb 3180 TR/SL, requested by NPP Temelín.

·       2015, ČEZ, a.s.: Modification of the method of 14C analyses.

·       2015, ALS Czech Republic, s.r.o.: Analysis of 3H in water samples using electrolytic enrichment.

·       2015, ÚJV, a.s.: Measurement of radionuclides by liquid scintillation spectrometry (14C, 3H, 90Sr, 63Ni).


Expert activities

·       (2010, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic: Expertise on possibilities and limitations of the radiocarbon dating method; preparation of the background documents for the Ministry in the international arbitration proceeding.)

·       2014 - 2016, Czech Environmental Inspectorate (CEI), Enforcing of the CITES agreement in the Czech Republic: expertise on ivory.

·       Since 2016 ing. I. Světlík, Ph.D. is an authorized expert in applications of radiocarbon dating.


Organizational and socio-professional activities related to the area

·       Prokarstterra – membership in the scientific board of the international society (Experimental model for complex monitoring of protected karst territories aiming at their sustainable management and development)
·       Ioannes Marcus Marci Spectroscopic Society (IMMSS) – membership

Foreign collaborations

·       HEKAL ATOMKI HAS, Debrecen, Hungary (dr. Molnár Mihály)

·       Comenius university in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Department of physics and biophysics (prof. P.P. Povinec)

·       National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria (Mgr. Petar Stefanov)

·       Water Research Institute, Bratislava (dr. Gabriela Wallová)