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Mixed radiation fields

The group includes Ivan Kovar, Richard Wagner, Iva Ambrozova, Ondrej Ploc, Jan Kubancak, Katerina Pachnerova Brabcova, Dagmar Peksova (Kyselova formerly) and Martin Kakona. We are looking for answers particularly on the following topics:
  • research and monitoring of cosmic radiation on International Space Station and high altitude observatories
  • monitoring of cosmic radiation on board aircraft and management of online database including the results of the measurements with Lulin detector
  • neutron monitoring on Lomnicky stit, Slovakia, and management of online database in cooperation with Department of Space Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics SAS
  • monitoring of aircraft crew exposure
  • spectrometry of linear energy transfer in radiotherapeutic beams and the surroundings
  • development of new dosimetric methods and detectors


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Jan with Medipix
 Jan during experiment onboard aircraft.
Liulins onboard aircraft
 Liulin detectors placed onboard aircraft in snack boxes.
Iva with Liulin
 Iva takes care about detectors before irradiation.
Surface of track etch detector
 The tracks of carbon beams of different energies on the surface of track etch detectors.
High altitude observatory
 High altitude observatory Lomnicky stit.